Managing your customer information.


To automate your billing process, you must add your customers' details to Zenskar.

There are three ways to create a customer in Zenskar:

  1. Manually
  2. Zenskar APIs
  3. Connectors

Creating a customer


Navigate to Customers, and click on the + ADD CUSTOMER button.

You will land on the following page:

Customer information

NameFull name of the customer
Customer IDUnique ID assigned to the customer: this could be the ID assigned in the system from where the customer details are being imported (eg., CRM).
EmailEmail address of the user.


You must fill in the complete address, zip code, city, state, country, and phone number.



Ensure that the customer details entered in these fields are exactly the same as the details in the other system(s) from where they are being imported.

Tax information

Add goods and services tax (GST) and value-added tax (VAT) related IDs applicable to the customers in the following jurisdictions:

IndiaIND (GST)
AustraliaAUS (GST)
European UnionEU (VAT)
SingaporeSG (VAT)
FranceFR (VAT)

Custom data

You can add custom JSON data. For example, if one of your customers, the fictitious ACME corporation, has multiple users signed up for your product, you can generate a single bill for the multiple users and assign it to the company.

  "users": [
    "j[email protected]",
    "[email protected]"

For another example, if you want to store information about a customer's preferred method of communication and their time zone, you could do the following:

      "preferred_communication": "email", "timezone": "PST"

You can exempt a customer from taxation by adding the following JSON:


Payment setup

Currently, only one setting related to enabling or disabling of auto-charging an invoice is available. Once enabled, an invoice will be auto-charged.



You must have a fully-configured and functioning payment gateway.

Communications setup

Enabling this setting will let your senders send emails to your customers.

Zenskar APIs

You can add your customers' details to Zenskar using the create customer REST API.


Zenskar's third-party integrations will help you perform two-way sync of your customer's data. Zenskar provides connectors for many well-known CRM, CPQ, and ERP software systems.

Navigate Settings > Connectors tab to view the list of connectors available. Follow the third-party-specific documentation to establish a connection.


Did not find the connector you were looking for?

Send a mail to [email protected]. to raise a request for a new connector.

Viewing customer details

You can navigate to Customers page and click on the customer you are interested in and view details including invoices, contracts, entitlements, and payment status.

Viewing and adding secondary contacts


Secondary contacts

Helps you manage multiple contacts associated with a customer. You can choose what type of communication is sent to each secondary contact.

Clicking on the VIEW CONTACTS for the first time will display the following dialog.

You can use the EDIT button to add a secondary contact. The following page will be displayed.

Under CONTACTS, click on the + ADD ANOTHER CONTACT button.

Fill in the necessary information and click the SUBMIT button.

You may add more secondary contacts. Finally, click the UPDATE CUSTOMER button.

Clicking on the VIEW CONTACTS will display all secondary contacts.

Credits history

Credits can be given to customers for promotional or other purposes. Customers can use these credits to reduce their invoice amount.

Adjust balance

You adjust credit balance by clicking on the Adjust Balance button. There are two options available:

Add to customer balance: give customer more credits for promotional or other purposes.

Deduct from customer balance: deduct credits for products or services provided or to settle invoice.

Customer portal


Work in progress

This feature, when complete, will help you to:

  • allow your customers access their invoices, balances, payment history, link to make payments, and more
  • create custom, white-labelled dashboards with Zenskar providing you the data

Currently, the customer portal will show a list of invoices with payment links.