Entitlements refer to the products or services that a customer is authorized to receive upon purchasing a subscription plan. These entitlements are typically outlined in the terms and conditions of the subscription plan.

For instance, if a customer purchases an OpenAI subscription, they are entitled to a specific number of tokens to make API calls in accordance with the terms and conditions of the subscription plan.

How to add entitlements?

You have to list entitlements according to your subscription plan, so you can use them in respective contracts.

You can now add those entitlements to their respective contracts to reflect them in the invoice.

Go to Customers > Entitlements > +Add Entitlement

To reflect entitlements in invoices, include information about its quantity and duration. Additionally, you can enable or disable entitlements for a specific time period.

After successfully adding the entitlements, it will be visible on the customer's page under "Entitlements". From there, you can check its consumed quantity and duration.